Pre-AP Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of all matter.  From subatomic particles to atoms to molecules to compounds, mixtures and eventually the stuff we touch, feel, see, smell, taste and imagine...its all pat of chemistry.


This course will cover the topics of pre-AP Chemistry.  The grade you make in this course will be a good indicator of the type of grade you could make the next level in  Dual credit or AP Chemistry.  You will need to work hard and learn strong time management skills and study skills to be successful in College Science courses.  This is probably the first courseyou have taken that will require that level of hard work. 


A successful student will:

  • participate fully in each class
  • read the chapters in the virtual textbook
  • review each days work at least once before the next class
  • practice the math and chemistry problems outside of class
  • will work to create group projects where everyone shares the work equally
  • ask questions at least once per week to get concepts clearly lodged into long term memory